Welcome to the November 2017 release of the rolling-holes report. This report contains various stats on wormhole corporations/alliances activities throughout the month. This report will take a look at kills and losses for each group and some interesting cuts of the data. If you would like ot see some of the data behind the report, check out the Monthly Data

Kills and Losses

Here is the high level comparison of all the corporations/alliances kills and losses over the last month. Top isk destroyed this month goes to Inner Hell with 958.2 (B) destroyed. Top Efficiency was Another War with 67.9 (B) destroyed.

The dotted line is a 50% efficiency line.

Wormhole Space Only Kills and Losses

For those of you wondering how much of this fighting actually happens inside of our wormhole space here is the chart to answer your questions.

Capital Kills

Below is the nubmer of capital kills by each group, if you so much as tagged on the kill credit is given (keep in mind for supers/titans). If you have suggestions on how to improve this check out the About page contact details.

Where are fights happening?

W-Space or K-Space

So for people who claim to live in wormholes how much of their isk killing actually happens in wormholes, and how much is hunting in null/low-sec? Values here being the percent of ISK Destroyed in each type of space.

Home vs Neutral vs Hostile

Here we are taking a look at who might be defending their home and who is doing the invading, or maybe who is too chicken to take fights out of home and who has no-fear to take the fight in hostile home systems. Here are the numbers we will let you decide the narrativeā€¦

Home = Home system, Hostile = Enemy Home System with the values being percent of ISK Killed + ISK Lost in each type of space.

Wall of Shame

This portion is dedicated to those of you with things you might not want others to see. Like how many interdictors have you welped or those NPC only losses. Better luck next month.

The Wingspan

Congratulations d2arking73 Regyri of Wingspan Delivery Network on solidifying your membership within Wingspan Delivery Network this month for the most expensive Stratios loss at 1.7B. For those groups trying to emulate Wingspan you can see how you measure up below.

Thanks for taking a look at this months report. If you have any questions see the About page for more details.