Rolling-Holes.com currently publishes Daily, and Monthly insights for the Eve Online Wormhole Community.


  • Welcome to Rolling-Holes.com: a fan-run project focused on sharing insights sourced from Eve Online, a space-based, persistent world massive multiplayer online role-playing game (developed and published by CCP Games).

  • Monthly reports generated by Rolling-Holes.com compare various wormhole corporations and alliances based on near-real time data from zkillboard.com:
    • ISK Killed, by Wormhole Corporation & Alliance
    • ISK Lost, by Wormhole Corporation & Alliance
    • Efficiency of Wormhole Corp (ISK Killed vs ISK Lost)
    • And more…
  • Future enhancements are underway, including Corporation & Alliance performance over time, and group behaviors.


If you love the hell out of these reports, donate ISK ingame to Free Sample.

Contribute Ideas

Interested in seeing data cut a specific way? Have something to contribute to the Monthly Reports? Contact us @ contact@rolling-holes.com

Feeling Left Out?

We would be happy to include your corp in the next month report (and maybe even squeeze you in this month) reach out to us at contact@rolling-holes.com. Right now the focus is on groups living in wormholes. All we need from you is your corporation or alliance name (zkillboard.com link works best), and if you want to be included in the home vs hostile graph send us your home wormhole system, or not.

Special Thanks

Shoutout to Squizz over at zkillboard.com for making his killboard available to everyone, so we could do this project.


Rolling-Holes.com is in no way associated with any Eve Online in-game player groups, corporations, alliances – include the ingame corporation “Rolling Holes” (despite their great taste in names).

This is an ongoing development project to explore web development and data science, as such expect to see new content and changing graphics as time goes on. Thanks for stopping bye! Be sure to wave in local.