Our Mission is Analyzing Your Holes


Welcome to Rolling-Holes.com: a fan-run project focused on sharing insights about Eve Online’s Wormhole community. Rolling-Holes.com currently publishes Daily, and Monthly insights for the Eve Online Wormhole Community.

  • Monthly reports generated by Rolling-Holes.com compare various wormhole corporations and alliances based on near-real time data from zkillboard.com:
    • ISK Killed, by Wormhole Corporation & Alliance
    • Where your kills and losses are happening

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Daily Snapshot

Yesterday’s 2017-11-17 rolling-holes report. This report is a snippet of the regular monthly snapshot showing yesterdays stats, we will take a look at kills and losses for each group. If you would like to see the full monthly report, check out the Monthly Report

Kills and Losses

Here is the high level comparison of all the corporations/alliances Top 25 kills and losses yesterday.

  • Top ISK destroyed: Hole Violence with 42.1(B) destroyed.
  • Biggest Kill: Wingspan Delivery Network with 17.8(B)
  • Biggest Loss: Stranger Danger with 2.2(B)

Thanks for taking a look check back tomorrow to see what’s changed (Updated roughly 04:00 EVE time). If you have any questions see the About page for more details.